The Greeks were obsessed with the mathematically perfect body. But unfortunately for anyone chasing that ideal, we were designed not by Pygmalion, the mythical sculptor who carved a flawless woman, but by MacGyver. Evolution constructed our bodies with the biological equivalent of duct tape and lumber scraps. And the only way to refine the form (short of an asteroid strike or nuclear detonation to wipe clean the slate) is to jerry-rig the current model. “Evolution doesn’t produce perfection,” explains Alan Mann, a physical anthropologist at Princeton University. “It produces function.”.

With that in mind, I surveyed anatomists and biologists to compile a punch list for the human body, just as you’d do before buying a house. Get out your checkbook. This one’s a fixer-upper.

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  1. You failed to include the biggest flaw of the human body, which proves there is no god. Why would a god put the waste disposal area in the same area as the recreational area? That doesn’t make sense and needs to be fixed.

  2. The above comment is funny and should be #11. In my opinion, as a female, #12 should be an on-off switch for fertility in both males and females. I see it as a button that might grow into place where the now nonfunctional belly button is located. This could happen during adolescence. I loved this article, but I still have a lot of questions for the God Noun (person, place, thing) when and if I get a chance to meet it.

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